Social Responsibility

One of the most rewarding and emotional experiences of my life was working with kids from the townships of South Africa. I was hired to be part of a team that helps underprivileged children experience the wonders of the ocean. Some of these kids had never been in the ocean before, despite living along the Cape Town coast. Throughout the first week of the course, they were completely disinterested and even a little bit scared about what was out there. By week two you couldn’t drag them out of the water, they were so happy and curious, splashing around, duck diving to look at sea stars and catsharks swimming amongst the kelp forests. I will never forget the joy that we were able to bring to their lives, and how they developed such a love for the ocean once they were able to experience its beauty. I believe it is so important that more children are provided with these opportunities. It is part of my vision to offer these experiences to local children here in Mexico so they will grow up with an understanding of the importance of the marine world and perhaps one day be marine biologists. As part of my vision I will donate a percentage of my program fees to the charity Los Amigos de la Esquina, a charity based in Tulum who are dedicated to providing positive experiences for children of Mayan communities, and improving the quality of their lives. 

“We look at the world once, in childhood. The rest is memory”