We Love the Sea Camps

Turtle Camp Akumal

Have you always dreamed of swimming with turtles in their natural environment? Join us on our Turtle Camp in Akumal where you will learn all about turtles why they are so important to the ocean ecosystem and why they are now endangered. 

The day will begin with an introduction to turtles; where we will discover what kind of animals they are, how many different species we can find in Mexico, what are the differences between each species and how we identify them.

We will then take a 40-minute snorkel around the seagrass corridors where the green turtles spend their time, quietly grazing on the seagrass beds. After the snorkel we will look at the turtle nests along the beach and talk about the nesting process and how we protect the nests. 

We will also meet a supporting cast of marine creatures along the way; birds, fish, stingrays, eagle rays and corals. Our experience ends with a snack and juice on the beach, where we will discuss how we can help protect the future of nesting turtles. 

This excursion will provide the students with a fun insight into the life of a marine biologist. They will leave with a much stronger passion for the ocean and a huge smile!

How big is a leatherback?

Coral Reef Camp Puerto Morelos

Dive into Coral Reef Camp and explore coral reefs and the amazing underwater realm. During this camp, students snorkel the reefs of Puerto Morelos, discover the world of fish, coral and other invertebrates, turtles and other marine animals.

The day will begin with an intorduction to coral reefs; are they plants or animals? How old are they? How do they eat? Students will learn the differences between hard and soft coral and how to identify individual species. Students will also learn how to identify the different types of fish found around coral reefs of the Caribbean.

Once students are confident in their identifying abilities, we will take a snorkel out to Ojos de Agua, stopping to identify corals and fish along the way. After the snorkel we wil return back to the beach to learn about why coral reefs are inportant and look at what kind of methods we use for surveying the reefs and how we can help to protect coral reefs.

Some friends you may meet on the reef.